Tumors Shrunk 50%

K.V., Thousand Oaks

Praise God! The tumors in my liver have shrunk to half of what they were before I came in for prayer. No new grown in my bones or anywhere else.

Emotional Breakthrough

D.P., Thousand Oaks

Jill, a million thanks for last Monday’s ministry at the Healing Rooms. You rock my friend, I’m truly grateful for your discernment and ability to communicate truth. This week has been a turnaround for me and I’m loving your devotional.

Knee and Hip Pain Healed

J.B., Thousand Oaks

I came to the Healing Rooms tonight with pain in my knee and hip. with prayers from Dennis and Angie, I felt the pain leave and know God has once again answered my prayers. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

Emotional Healing and Spiritual Freedom

L.B., Simi Valley

I have been very well-pleased with the Conejo Valley Healing Rooms. I have experienced significant healing, deliverance of evil entities, and regained closeness with God again. The prayer people who have prayed for me over my many visits have Jesus’ love flowing through them for me. They have helped me to always, always be encouraged and to never fear the adversary. And to always tell me, to remind me to wear the full armor of God. I thank you, sweet and powerful Jesus and Almighty Father God and beautiful Holy Spirit.

Back Pain Healed

C.C., Newbury Park

Thank you, Lord, for healing my back pain.

When I arrived at the Healing Rooms, I was in pain in my lower back. When they put hands on my back, the pain went away after they prayed for me.

Blessing Upon Blessing

E.H., Thousand Oaks

I would highly recommend the Conejo Balley Healing Rooms to anyone seeking spiritual comfort or guidance. Every time I have visited, it’s been a blessing of God’s love. The Healing Rooms are an amazing gift. I’m so happy I found them

Peace and Acceptance

V.N., Norwalk

I had a wonderful experience receiving Inner Healing ministry at Conejo Valley Healing Rooms. The session atmosphere was peaceful, loving, and filled with joy and acceptance. I highly recommend Inner Healing at this Healing Rooms.

Overcame Spiritual Strongholds

L.R., Van Nuys

I had a great experience in my inner healing session. I was concerned about being able to rid myself of spiritual strongholds, and I experienced powerful breakthrough. The ministry time was very anointed and I felt the power of Holy Spirit working through Jill. Her ministry to me was kind and understanding, and I highly recommend Conejo Valley Healing Rooms’ Inner Healing ministry.

Emotional Trauma Released

T.A., Santa Paula

I had a negative travel experience 15 days ago. With healing prayer, I experienced a release of distress in my body and soul. I smiled and even laughed for the first time since the incident. The Shalom peace of the Lord filled me, and I felt light and more “in balance.” Thank you!

Multiple Life Breakthroughs

M.R., Gardena

It’s been such a blessing! I’ve been having breakthroughs in my life in all kinds of areas, with my kids and at the business, physically, and financially.

#1 was sudden restoration with my older son, Jorge. #2, business is increasing and God is opening bigger doors.

Thank you, Lord!