Forgiveness Releases Financial Restitution

T.T., Moorpark

I came to get prayer, and the person praying for me felt like I needed to forgive a certain person in my life from my past. At first, I didn’t think that I needed to forgive that person again. She persisted, and I repeated a prayer of forgiveness. Within the next week, the person I forgave at the Healing Rooms sent me a check for $5,000 that was owed to me for a long time. I really didn’t think I was ever going to get that money back. Thank you, Jesus, and God bless the person who sent me the money.

Power of Forgiveness

K.K, Thousand Oaks

I have felt the power of Jesus work in my life and in my spirit! I learned the power of forgiveness to those who have crossed over paths and challenged us!   Forgiveness rocks. It works, it changes not only my life but the lives of those with whom we interact daily! I thank God for the Healing Rooms team and the book on forgiveness. If I pray every day to forgive those who have challenged me, I send them love, and once I started doing this my life shifted. I am an athletic coach of young women, and we were struggling with having lost sixteen games in a row; one week after practicing forgiveness we won, then we tied, and now we enjoy and celebrate God! Thank you Jesus–I love you!

Chronic Pain Miraculously Healed

R.R., Calabasas

I came for the first time to the Healing Rooms under the suggestion of a good friend. I have two chronic diseases and was in a lot of physical pain. At the time of prayer I felt an electrical shock/current throughout my body, and afterward was pain-free. An incredible experience!

My Daughter’s Healing

K.D., Simi Valley

My daughter was suffering from a chest virus that the doctor said was lasting up to 4 weeks in others who have it. She has asthma and it was causing her significant issues. She went to the healing room last night and received prayer from Dawn & Mary. She woke up this morning completely healed. Thank you, Lord!

Pain in Hands Completely Healed!

B.F., Westlake Village

I love the wonderful, peaceful atmosphere at the Conejo Valley Healing Rooms. I have abused my hands over many, many years in my profession (hairdresser), and I’ve been dealing with extreme inflammation and pain. After my ministry session, my pain is zero! I would recommend a visit here to anyone in need!


S.A., Porter Ranch

My father was diagnosed with stomach cancer stage 4 – on July 13. 2018. The Lord completely healed and restored his health. The tumor was removed on August 9. 2018; it was the size of a softball. He started an aggressive chemo and radiation treatment. In January 2019, the doctor declared him cancer-free. He has been in great health, free from cancer. Thank you, Healing Rooms, for your prayer for my father. For the Lord is the mighty healer!

Emotional Breakthrough

N.W., Simi Valley

I had a wonderful experience in my Inner Healing session. I love the dedication and the giving of self by the CVHR Inner Healing minister and how she pursues healing for others so selflessly. I highly recommend this ministry to everyone who needs healing in their soul.

Liberty and Comfort

P.M., Canyon Country

My Inner Healing Ministry session at Conejo Valley Healing Rooms helped me receive liberty and comfort from the Lord and get rid of emotional “parasites” that had been weighing me down for years. I experienced kindness and understanding from the minister throughout the session and felt totally safe to disclose my personal hurts and struggles. I highly recommend this ministry!

Marriage Restored!

T.P., Thousand Oaks

My wife came to the Healing Rooms in May of 2018. At the time, we had been separated for 1 1/2 years. The following month, June, she and I got back together and are now closer than ever and are coming upon our 24th anniversary.

Thank you for your prayers. We serve a mighty and loving God. May His Name be praised in all the earth!

Physical and Emotional Peace

L.H., Thousand Oaks

I had a wonderful experience in my Inner Healing session. The fruit of my ministry time included more physical and emotional peace and improvements in my energy and pain levels. Thank you again for your honesty and tremendous help.