Bum Knee Healed

J.H., Whittier

After kneeling on a concrete pool deck, I injured my left knee; it became painful on and off for months. Strangely, the pain was while at rest or while sleeping- not standing or walking.

I came to visit the Healing Rooms to witness the ministry in action. A session was made available to me and I sought prayer for the bum knee. Following the session, the pain was ramping down. And during the night and the next morning, I am now pain-free. God Heals. Prayer Works. Sure beats surgery.

I invite others to come and take part in this ministry and meet the caring staff. The prayer times are free of charge but I could not resist making an on-the-spot donation to affirm and support this amazing ministry. If you are in pain or ill, please avail yourself to prayer and watch God work on your behalf.

Lungs Healed

L.L., Thousand Oaks

I attended the Intimate Worship Encounter on Friday March 13…Jill Ricci spoke a word from the platform that I was being healed in my lungs. I feel totally healed! Thank you, Jesus, for total healing!!

Freedom from Trauma Related to False Accusations

M.S., Los Angeles

I was stuck in trauma from 7-year-old false accusations which hindered me from fully and confidently stepping into my identity in Christ. Jill led me through the trauma prayer and the deep barb/thorn of pain that I had felt completely left along with the weight of the accusation. I am no longer triggering when remembering the events but feeling joy and freedom instead. Thank you so much!

Healing the Wounds of Life and War Seminar

S.B., Camarillo

The information shared in this training seminar not only gave me some keys to ministering with people with varying stages of trauma, but it ignited a new level of faith to believe what the world considers impossible – which is complete restoration from PTSD and related type of trauma symptoms through prayer in Jesus’ name. The information is quite insightful with many testimonies of people walking in complete freedom. Whether you are seeking healing or want to minister healing in this area, I highly recommend you listening and applying what was taught! Thanks, Jill and Dennis for putting on this seminar!

Tightness in Chest Disappeared!

L.B., Thousand Oaks

I came in with tightness in my chest—with the weight of burdens and tension over family concerns I felt the weight and tension melt as I was prayed over and prayed for, and my concerns were lifted into God’s care. The tightness relaxed and the pressure in my chest disappeared. Thank you, Lord!

Level 7 Wrist Pain Gone!

A.M., West Hills Coming to the Healing Rooms has greatly helped me be delivered of some serious spiritual warfare! Thank you, God! But tonight I was so surprised that after my wrist was prayed for, it went from a level 7 pain to a 0! I came in wearing an Ace bandage...

Cancer Free!

Y.R., Pacoima

I asked for prayer regaring my father, who had surgery due to prostate cancer. His latest test results show that he is cancer-free! Praise the Good Lord!

Back Pain and Stiffness Healed

J.V., Westlake Village

Today I came to the Healing Rooms for the first time with my friend. I was seen by Kelly and Dennis. I was experiencing pain in my lower back and was not standing straight. After Dennis anointed me and what while Kelly was also laying hands on me I felt the Holy Spirit’s presence. Tears poured out of me, and I was able to stand straight again. Praise the Lord!

Concussion Syndrome Healed

M.C., Van Nuys

I was at Conejo Valley Healing Rooms in March due to a concussion that I got from a car accident and in July I met a man who helped me heal. He was a passenger of mine while working for Lyft and he gave me three free hyperbaric treatment sessions in Beverly Hills. After the third session, the secondary concussion syndrome was gone and I don’t have the concussion anymore. I thank Jesus for allowing for the opportunity to happen so soon after the situation occurred, and he gave me a new friend too! So grateful! Praise the Lord!