Pain in Multiple Body Locations Healed

D.B., Lancaster CA

I came to the Healing Rooms with stomach and back (kidney)pain, also leg pain from where skin cancer was removed. After being prayed for all the pain is completely gone and I’m filled with such amazing peace.

Praise God!

Emotional Healing, Career Breakthrough

K.K., Thousand Oaks

I have been having struggles in my life…health, emotional, loss, jobs. Basically, seeking my soul purpose! I have been spending time outside talking to the Lord about my journey—my next step on how to be the best for Him, what He wants me to do. Seeing beautiful birds talk to me—praying every day and night…journaling! One of the most important and powerful tools Jill taught me was to first forgive myself, second those we love, and third those that challenge or hurt us. I do this every day after reading a book on forgiveness she gave me! It’s been a month, and WOW, God is amazing. He is working in me and for me! I prayed for a new career and two have been presented to me, and both something I want to do! My health has improved greatly! Today I felt the Lord release my fear and brain sickness. I feel so amazing! I am so grateful!

Sports Injury Pain Healed

F.B., Draguignan, France

Following a sport injury, previous neurological pain came back, preventing me from training or just walking without pain. The Healing Rooms team prayed for full restoration and healing, including the injury pain in my body. They prayed three times before the pain successfully left my back, my leg, and my feet. Thank God I came to the Healing Rooms, and praise His name that he continues to heal today. Thank you to the Conejo Valley Healing Rooms for your service!

Stress Relieved, Back Pain Healed

R.A., Granada Hills

I came in with pack pain and stress. My pain level was high. When the ministry team prayed and touched my back, the pain went from level 8 to level 2, and then was completely gone by the end of the session. Praise God for His healing!

Pain in Mid-Back Healed

S.B., Simi Valley

My Mid-back has been in so much pain, especially since losing my dear son, his wife, and my granddaughter and her grandfather in a private plane crash last year. Hands were placed on the area of my back that was in pain, and God directed the minister to the exact place of pain. I felt a stirring there, and then—NO PAIN!!! 

God is so good, forever and always. He is the God who HEALS. Thank you, Conejo Valley Healing Rooms.

Back Pain Healed

B.V., Porter Ranch

I am healed! I came in with pain in my back and other problems. God blessed me with the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Praise Him!

Respiratory Infection Healed

N.H., Oxnard

I had been sick for a year with a respiratory infection. It would leave me with ear infections, sinus infections…It felt like my lungs were in a vise-grip 24/7. I forgot what it felt like to take a deep breath without feeling like my lungs were tight. With four short prayers, my lungs cleared up! Praise God!

Jammed Thumb Healed

J.J., Thousand Oaks

I came to the Healing Rooms with a jammed left thumb. After prayer, I could feel the healing happening—not all at once, but it’s feeling much better, and I know that my thumb is healed. Thank you!

Forgiveness Releases Financial Restitution

T.T., Moorpark

I came to get prayer, and the person praying for me felt like I needed to forgive a certain person in my life from my past. At first, I didn’t think that I needed to forgive that person again. She persisted, and I repeated a prayer of forgiveness. Within the next week, the person I forgave at the Healing Rooms sent me a check for $5,000 that was owed to me for a long time. I really didn’t think I was ever going to get that money back. Thank you, Jesus, and God bless the person who sent me the money.

Power of Forgiveness

K.K, Thousand Oaks

I have felt the power of Jesus work in my life and in my spirit! I learned the power of forgiveness to those who have crossed over paths and challenged us!   Forgiveness rocks. It works, it changes not only my life but the lives of those with whom we interact daily! I thank God for the Healing Rooms team and the book on forgiveness. If I pray every day to forgive those who have challenged me, I send them love, and once I started doing this my life shifted. I am an athletic coach of young women, and we were struggling with having lost sixteen games in a row; one week after practicing forgiveness we won, then we tied, and now we enjoy and celebrate God! Thank you Jesus–I love you!